We would like to send a shout out to Compassionate Resource Warehouse for partnering with us to donate sewing machines to women in need of skills, training, and a means to support themselves. This was an honour for us to be able to fix up these donated Sewing Machines and repurpose them to help improve the skills and confidence in these women’s lives.

The first set of machines were donated to the young women at John Volken Academy in Surrey, BC. The John Volken Academy Program is modeled after the therapeutic community approach to addiction treatment, providing students with healthy life-style changes needed to live successful and sober lives – forever! The Program is overseen by a Senior Program Director who has a degree in psychology, is supported by a board of directors, and receives consultation from addiction professionals and healthy-living specialists. Combining the therapeutic community approach with professional guidance makes this Program extremely effective and truly life-changing.

Second set of machines were donated to women at Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver, BC. In a world that’s broken by poverty and addiction, UGM are determined to offer restoration to those in need. They do this by coming alongside men, women, and children to provide a hand up towards hope and recovery.