Help Us Grow

Rick and the team want so help solve the hard problems. Compassion, love, caring, and community are what we’re all about. Help us grow our measurble impact by donating to the foundation. To help give back to you, we have some specific packages available to get you thinking about impact. And, you can choose to donate any amount you like.

$1500 Donation

Fire Truck Ride

Donation of $1500 or more

Enjoy a fire truck ride for the whole team or bring one of out trucks to your event. These trucks are headed to communities in need in South America. Good in the Vancouver and Surrey area only. Details to be determined.

$500 Donation

Disaster Hygiene

$500 Sponsors Disaster Hygiene Kit

Every year we provide emergency hygiene kits to disaster areas, shelters, recovery homes and communities in need. Your donation helps us keep these kits flowing to where they are needed most.

$1000 Donation

Trackless Train

$1000 donation brings our Trackless Train to your event.

Rent our trackless train for a full day of fun at any type of event. Your generous donation includes delivery, setup, operator, and cleanup. Available in the Vancouver and Surrey areas only.

Help us grow by donating here.